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PPH-M9-6 6in Pharos Modem Cable
This is the new serial cable for Pharos Traveller GPS 535v for Windows Mobile. Anyone who uses Windows Mobile will be interested in this new cable. This is because many people like the Windows Mobile platform, but find it difficult to locate a handheld with support for serial cables. However, the Pharos Traveler GPS 535V is different. It has an excellent serial port on the docking connector which works great! Compatibility problems with RS232 Serial Cables are a thing of the past when you pick Pharos for your Windows Mobile platform. Compatibility: This is a full-power RS232 design. This cable is compatible with most any diagnostics, modem, or data equipment. Ruggedness: This cable design is a market leader for use in rugged usage for technicians and field personnel. It includes all the proven features which make our M9-6 cables the choice of the field man, including the special internal metal cable grip and the no-slip strain relief. Get yours today!! (Pharos 535V depicted in picture not included.) We offer it for $129.99.
Close up of connector

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